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Pearl Culturing
Mikura Certificate of Guarantee

The pearl industry has no agreed up or standardized grading system. Filling this void, Mikura pioneered its Certificate of Guarantee, an accurate and comprehensive document outlining all quality characteristics of each Mikura piece. Each Certificate of Guarantee is issued and guaranteed by an experienced Mikura professional that overlooks every aspect of a jewelry piece. The Mikura grader combines their years of experience with theoretical knowledge to make accurate calls on each and every pearl that passes through them. Our graders are all highly experienced trade professionals with decades of experience and gemologist degrees from major independent labs including the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute.  

Mikura’s Certificate of Guarantee was one of the first instances of a certificate being issued for cultured pearl jewelry and has spurred an industry revolution. Today, no respectable pearl brand or jeweler should be selling pearl jewelry without a legitimate certificate. Always insist on a certificate and make sure it is pre filled and accurately describes all quality characteristics. 

Mikura’s Certificate of Guarantee will include a description of the jewelry, a ref no unique to that piece, Mikura quality, shape of the pearl, pearl classification, pearl color and pearl size. On mikura.com you will find the Certificate of Guarantee for each Mikura creation on the individual product pages.

Pearl classification includes whether a cultured pearl is Freshwater, Japanese Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, Mabe or a combination of pearl types.

The Mikura quality grade combines all the pearl quality factors into one easy to reference scale. Luster and surface (skin) texture are given the highest weight from all the quality factors. Mikura quality grade A represents the very highest quality and is the top grade.

  • Quality
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • Description
  • Excellent to very good luster, smooth skin texture, no discernible spots or blemishes.
  • Good luster, smooth skin texture, light spotted or blemished.
  • Medium luster, wrinkled to smooth texture, spotted or blemished surface
  • Dull luster, wrinkled texture, highly spotted or blemished.

With every piece of Mikura jewelry, you can always expect the following.
Certificate of Guarantee with each item
Signature Mikura gift boxes
30 day Return & Exchange policy*
Complimentary Gift wrapping
Accurate product information and pearl knowledge

*The 30 day return and exchange policy is only for Mikura jewelry purchased at a Mikura boutique or online at www.mikura.com. Our retail partners offer a 14 day return and exchange policy.

Standards of Excellence
Mikura pearl jewelry is unique in that the components used are of exclusively the highest quality. In addition, multiple quality checks are performed at each stage of the jewelry making process from start to finish. Some of the fine materials used to create Mikura jewelry: 

1. 18 Karat gold, hallmarked. Look for the 750 stamp on all our 18K jewelry. 
2. High quality diamonds, VS in clarity and G/H in color. Our diamonds are also conflict free. 
3. Natural color gemstones and diamonds, no radiation or color treatment is used.
4. Fine silk threads for necklaces and strands. 

You can identify Mikura jewelry by our monogram (MP) that is engraved on every piece. This can be found on the back of a pendant, ring shank or earring back. Our strands, necklaces and bracelets are also fitted with a signature logo charm featuring the Mikura monogram. 

Always look for the Mikura monogram; it is your assurance of the highest standard of quality and integrity.