Diamonds by Mikura

Diamonds by MikuraDiamonds by MikuraDiamonds by MikuraDiamonds by Mikura


For many decades, Mikura has been synonymous with high quality pearls and fine pearl jewelry. Consumers have come to trust the brand for it's dedication to quality, craftsmanship and the overall customer experience. By building on these strengths Mikura is now expanding it’s product offering to fulfill its aim of being a global leader in the luxury jewelry industry.  

Similar to our fine pearl collection, our new ’Diamonds by Mikura’ collection offers discerning consumers looking for high quality diamond jewelry a long list of benefits and features.  

Diamonds by Mikura collection 
  •  Mikura Certificate of Guarantee for every piece in the collection 
  •  GIA certificate for all solitaire diamonds* 
  •  Focus and specialization in high quality diamonds 
  •  Multi-decade jewelry heritage 
  •  Flexible Exchange/Return policy 
  •  Unsurpassed in-store experience 
  •  Experienced and knowledgeable sales advisors to educate and assist 

  •  All Mikura solitaires graded by GIA (, the industry's most trusted gem laboratory  Gemological Institute of  America
  •  In addition, all Mikura diamonds are graded and analyzed internally by GIA graduate
  •  Mikura diamonds are precisely manufactured to higher standards and exacting proportions.
This results in diamonds whose brilliance fire and scintillation is maximized and pass GIA’s
stringent testing to earn the highest cut grade of Excellent 
  •  Focus on high quality clarity and color grades  
  •  Mikura diamonds are laser engraved with their certificate number to ensure authenticity* 
  •  Unsurpassed in-store experience 
  •  Experienced and knowledgeable sales advisors to educate and assist 

Other Benefits 
  •  Complimentary re-sizing 
  •  Engraving via laser 
  •  Complimentary gift wrapping + gift messages 
  •  Custom orders 

  •  Exchanges and returns allowed up to 14 days from purchase 
  •  Diamond jewelry can be exchanged for pearl jewelry and vice versa 

Come and explore Diamonds by Mikura at your nearest boutique or browse the collection online.

*Only for solitaires diamonds 0.40ct and up.

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