Mikura Quality

Quality of our jewelry is the highest priority at Mikura, no pearl or piece of jewelry is allowed to become a Mikura creation unless it meets the extremely high standards of excellence set within the brand.  

This starts with our pearls and the heart of every Mikura jewelry piece. We employ an extremely rigorous selection process, selecting only the best pearls to be made in fine pieces of jewelry. Only the top 5% of worldwide cultured pearl production will meet the Mikura standard of quality. This standard dictates that all pearls must have extremely high luster, healthy nacre and defined shapes. To achieve this standard, large volumes of pearls need to be acquired and sorted before they can be set in jewelry. The quality and quantity requirements make this an extremely daunting and capital intensive exercise. Only a handful of companies allocate the necessary resources and have the dedication and experience to sort through thousands of pearls to get a few perfect ones. 

During the sorting process, the pearls are sorted and resorted multiple times. Our experts assess each pearl by size, shape, color and luster, handling each pearl hundreds of times as they fulfill Mikura’s strict matching requirements. The sorter carefully matches pearls that share similar characteristics, searching for a unified tone that creates a perfect harmony.

Creation of Mikura strands and necklaces in particular requires immense skill, judgment and craftsmanship. Once the best pearls for a necklace have been selected, they are cleaned and entrusted to the expert sorter. Each pearl is then re-examined individually using the northern, morning light because it offers the most even illumination of the day. This natural light allows a closer and more in depth look at each pearl. 

Once sorted and enough perfectly matched pearls are found, the pearls are then drilled with great care and precision. Skilled artisans then begin the process of stringing the pearls together using a fine silk thread, a process completed entirely by hand. Occasionally individual knots or special cushions will be placed between each pearl, depending on the type and size of pearls used in the necklace. A special pearl clasp and a Mikura logo charm complete the design and are your assurance of genuine Mikura quality. The final result is a Mikura necklace of impeccably matched pearls, skillfully assembled and something to treasure for generations.